3″ 100% Flannel Cotton Square Woven Gun Patch 500 Count




Our patches are 100% flannel cotton and woven to hold more Rusteprufe Nitro Solvent and Oil than non woven patches. The woven texture also does a better job of scrubbing guns than non woven patches made of other materials. Our patches are lint free. This means no lint in your action, barrel, or on you. We believe in using the right tool for the right job! Using patches designed for gun cleaning gives a far better result than using other patches that are made of cut up T-shirts and underwear!! Our patches are Made in the USA just like our Nitro Solvent and Oil!!

**No T-shirts or underwear where harmed in the making of our patches**

Perfect for the trap or skeet shooter who shoots often.

3″ patches work great for 20-10ga. and .50 Cal

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