What is Rusteprufe?

Rusteprufe is a one-application product that protects against rust and corrosion with deep penetration into the pores of the metal of the gun. Rusteprufe is engineered for superior protection against oxidation under high temperatures. A must for the high temperatures of the breech and barrel are put under. Rusteprufe’s Nitro Solvent compounds counteract the corrosive nature of fouling and primers and allow the oil to fully coat the weapon. No need to scrub your barrel or use your other solvents when there is a noticeable build-up. Just wet a patch with Rusterpufe and run through your breech and barrel. Using Rusteprufe regularly will prevent buildup in the first place. After cleaning the barrel and chamber of your weapon, wipe down the exterior metal and prevent fingerprint-causing rust from penetrating your barrel. Next time you take your weapon to the range, notice how little build-up is in your barrel.

Proven Fire Arm Protection Since 1938

Rusteprufe was first invented in 1938 by Nate H. Steele of Sparta, WI. My great uncle Robert “Bob” Munger (Bob #1 for your longtime Rusteprufe family members) met Nate while working the counter at the Post Office. Uncle Bob said it all started over at Post Office Box 333. Nate would come in and check his Rusteprufe Post Office Box and Uncle Bob was always fascinated with the Rusteprufe name. He said that something about it just connected with him and jumped out at him before he knew much about it. He enjoyed his conversations with Nate and they became friends and would go to competitive shooting matches around the state together. When Nate passed away Uncle Bob approached his widow and offered to buy the business in the early 70’s. She happily sold the business to get the stuff out of the house as she didn’t know anything about it. 

Uncle Bob ran the business until he retired and brought in a friend to run the business for him. In September of 2022, Uncle Bob’s health started to change and he realized he needed to make some decisions to keep Rusteprufe going for generations. 

Uncle Bob sold the assets of the business to my wife (Angie) and myself. We are very excited to be the third owners of a product that has been around for over 80 years. 

We are excited to be starting this next chapter of Rusteprufe history. We have some ideas to grow the product and make it more accessible to our loyal customers and make purchasing our product easier for dealers and customers. We also know when not to mess with a good thing so the changes will not be in the product. We will be keeping the Rusteprufe name, font, and colors. You may notice one change in the name, the “T” in Rusteprufe may look familiar. It is intended to resemble a cross. Our goal is to make Rusteprufe a Christian-based business and use this product to raise up others in Christ’s glory. 

We look forward to meeting those of you who have been using our product for years and maybe decades. For those of you who are new to the Rusteprufe family, we are glad to have you a part of our family. 

Ryan, Angie, and Ivan Tichenor