Rusteprufe – Effective Rust Prevention Since 1938

Effective Rust Prevention

Rusteprufe’s demulsibility, (a fancy way of saying how well the oil separates itself from water), does not allow water or moisture to mix with the oil, keeping the moisture off the weapon.

Don’t cut a hunting trip short just because of the rain or snow. Applying Rusteprufe before and after a trip to the stand or blind will add a layer of protection to your gun that is unparalleled.

Rusteprufe is perfect for protecting your carry gun. Sweat can ruin a gun very quickly. Wiping down the exterior of the weapon with our unique chamois applicator means you don’t need to drag out your entire cleaning kit. Clear the weapon, wipe it down, and safely store it.

Proven Firearm Protection

Rusteprufe removes all types of fouling from primer to load and allows the oil to fully coat the weapon.

Rusteprufe’s unique recipe is created to put a protective barrier that penetrates deep into the metal AND drives moisture AWAY from the weapon. This protects against rain, sleet, snow, humidity, and all other types of moisture that threaten firearms in the safe and in the field.

Rusteprufe is so unique that it protects against corrosion even in the presence of water!!

We treated one side of a 3/4″ round stock of 4140 steel (the same steel gun barrels are made out) with Rusteprufe and left the other side untreated. Then we soaked it for 24 hours in water. The picture below says it all.

Treating your long gun or handgun with Rusteprufe regularly produces a weapon that is always ready for the field, range, or everyday carry. This is why Rusteprufe has been trusted by marksmen for 85 years.

Corrosion Resistance

Our nitro solvent solution is designed to neutralize the corrosive buildup in and around the barrel of your gun. Rusteprufe oil penetrates deep into the pores of steel for rust-free protection in any climate.

Rusteprufe is trusted by precision shooters, collectors, hunters, and sportsmen throughout the United States.